By Erick Cruz October 11, 2016 Posted in News, Victories

A client charged with attempted murder had his case dismissed after Erick Cruz convinced prosecutors that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case against his client.  The client was charged with attempted first-degree murder after he stabbed a man several times.  The incident occurred after the two men engaged in an argument in which Erick's client acted in self-defense.  

Immediately after the incident, the client hired Erick to represent him.  Erick took pictures of the injuries the client sustained and later invoked his right to silence when he surrendered the client to the police.  These two acts proved to be of crucial importance, as the injuries were documented and his client's right to silence and counsel were preserved.  The client was arrested and charged with attempted murder, but soon thereafter, Erick convinced the prosecutor to release his client on house arrest while the investigation continued.

In the meantime, Erick worked with the prosecutor to show him the pictures that demonstrated his client acted in self-defense and identified discrepancies in the victim's story that cast doubt on his credibility.  After concluding the investigation the prosecutor agreed with Erick that there was insufficient evidence to charge Erick's client and dismissed the case.

If you find yourself or a loved one under investigation and facing criminal prosecution call Erick Cruz.  The possibility of being arrested and convicted of a crime carries immediate as well as long-term consequences.  Put my experience as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney to work for you to avoid the consequences and stigma of a criminal arrest or conviction.

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