By Erick Cruz March 27, 2017 Posted in News, Victories

A client who owned and operated a smoke shop was arrested after he sold to an undercover officer several baggies that allegedly contained synthetic marijuana.  The client was charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.  The client retained Erick Cruz to represent him.  

Once retained, Erick quickly got to work and ordered all of the lab reports for the synthetic cannabis.  Once the substance was identified, he conferred with an expert chemist who indicated that the substance was not a prohibited controlled substance.  Based on this revelation, Erick researched the law applicable to synthetic cannabis and prepared and filed a motion to dismiss the charges.  After a hearing, the judge concluded that the prosecutor did not specifically identify the prohibited controlled substance and granted the motion to dismiss and effectively dismissed the charges against the client.  Now that the charges have been dismissed, he can apply to have his arrest record expunged.

During his time as a prosecutor, Erick Cruz attended trainings specifically dealing with the prosecution of drug cases.  Erick knows the correct way to investigate and prosecute these cases and more importantly how to defense against the charges in Miami.  Erick has used this knowledge to successfully defend countless people charged in connection with drug distribution cases.    

Call Erick to discuss your case with him and find out how he can get your case dismissed, charges and sentence reduced and your arrest record sealed or expunged.


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