Client arrested for selling drugs out of his house has his case dismissed at arraignment because of insufficient evidence and illegal search and seizure

July 13, 2016 Posted in News, Victories

Client’s case is dismissed after being caught selling narcotics from his home.  Narcotics’ detectives, following up on tips that the client was selling drugs from his house, set up an undercover operation and observed the client answering the door and exchanging items for currency.  After observing the client do this several times, detectives followed the client who by this time drove away from the house.  The detectives pulled him over and search his car.  The detectives discovered a small quantity of drugs inside the car.  Erick Cruz was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges against his client at the arraignment.  Erick argued that there was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the items that my client was exchanging were drugs.  Additionally, Erick argued that the stop of his client’s car was unlawful and the drugs found should be suppressed.  The prosecutor agreed and dismissed the case at the first court appearance.  The client is eligible to have his case expunged from the public records.

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