By Erick Cruz January 18, 2018 Posted in News, Victories

A man in the middle of a messy divorce was arrested for possession of marijuana after police officers observed him purchasing the marijuana from a known drug dealer.  Normally, an arrest for misdemeanor possession of marijuana does not implicate consequences sufficient to warrant the hiring of an attorney.  In this case, however, the client was concerned that the arrest would be used by his wife in the divorce proceedings to reduce the amount of time the father could spend with his children and ultimately increasing his child support obligations.

With these concerns in mind, Erick began the representation of the man and was able to convince the prosecutors to dismiss the case so long as the client remained arrest free for 90 days.  Erick went to court for the client and reset the case for 90 days to allow the client to demonstrate that he could remain arrest free and get his case dismissed.  After 90 days, the case was set for hearing and after the prosecutors confirmed that the client had not been arrested, the dismissed the case.

The arrest did not have any negative effect on the man’s marriage and he was able to share custody with is ex-wife without any increase in his child support payments.  If you have been arrested and have a specific concern regarding the consequences of your arrest speak to Erick so that he can discuss with you the consequences, options and resolutions.  


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