By Erick Cruz November 21, 2016 Posted in News, Victories

Erick Cruz used the rules of discovery to his client's advantage and forced Miami prosecutors to drop DUI charges against his client.  The client was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after she crashed the car into some construction barricades on the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach.  The incident was observed by an off-duty police officer who observed the client drive on the sidewalk of the mall, strike a tree and finally crash against a construction barrier.  The officer pulled the client out of the car and had her perform the field sobriety exercises to determine her level of impairment.  The client failed the exercises and also smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot watery eyes and slurred her speech.  After failing the exercises the client blew almost twice the legal limit and was placed under arrest for DUI.  The entire incident was captured on the officers body worn camera.

The client subsequently retained Erick Cruz to defend her against the charges.  Erick demanded that the prosecutors provide him with all of the discovery in the case including the body worn camera video.  After almost 90 days, the prosecutors still had not complied with their discovery obligations and Erick brought this to the attention of the judge.  The judge ordered the prosecutors to provide the evidence, but still failed to do so.  Accordingly, the prosecutors were forced to dismiss the DUI charges against his client despite the overwhelming amount of evidence.

During his time as a prosecutor, Erick Cruz attended trainings specifically dealing with the prosecution of DUI cases.  Erick knows the correct way to investigate and prosecute these cases and more importantly how to defense against DUI charges in Miami.  Erick has used this knowledge to successfully defend countless people charged in connection with driving under the influence.    

Call Erick to discuss your case with him and find out how he can get your case dismissed, charges and sentence reduced and your arrest record sealed or expunged.

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