By Erick Cruz June 1, 2017 Posted in News, Victories

A client was charged with aggravated battery after he pummeled a man to a coma. The fight ensued after the alleged victim repeatedly insulted and threatened the client to the point where the client feared for his safety and defended himself.  The client sustained a punch to his face and reacted by defending himself and striking the man.  The incident was observed by a bystander who called police and notified them of the fight.  When police arrived, the fight was over, but the client was nevertheless arrested and charged with aggravated battery.  

The client retained Erick Cruz to represent him and assist him in his preparation for the defense of his case.  Erick immediately got to work and conducted an independent investigation and obtained witness statements, police records and 911 calls that significantly hindered the credibility of the witnesses and victim.  After the investigation, Erick deposed the police officers, witnesses and victim.  Using skills developed through numerous depositions, Erick elicited favorable testimony that assisted his client in resolving the case.  After all of the investigation was conducted, Erick filed a motion to dismiss based on the stand your ground law.  The prosecutors relented and set the case for hearing.  Shortly before the hearing, however, the prosecutors dismissed the charges citing the unavailability of the victim.  The client, who was under immense pressure to get the case dismissed because of immigration concerns was relieved when he heard the prosecutor dismissed all the charges against him.  Now, he will continue on his track to become a citizen of the United States and avoid the stigma of a felony conviction.

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