Husband and wife each facing three years in prison for growing marijuana in their home resolve case to reduced charges and probation

July 14, 2016 Posted in News, Victories

Husband and wife receive probation after being charged with growing marijuana in their home.  The clients were arrested after narcotics’ detectives conducted an extensive and detailed investigation into a marijuana cultivation ring.  The investigation led to the arrest of six people in different houses for growing marijuana inside their homes. When the detectives served the warrant on the client’s house, they found over 20 marijuana plants and baggies of marijuana scattered throughout the house.  Despite each facing over three years in prison, Erick Cruz successfully convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charges and offer probation.  Erick identified deficiencies in the evidence and errors committed by the officers who served the search warrant on the house.

Using these arguments, Erick was able to reach an agreement with the prosecutor to sentence her clients to one year of house arrest followed by two years of probation for the male client and a withhold of adjudication and two years of probation for the female client.  If they comply with the probation requirements, their time on probation can be terminated early.

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