Young client charged with possessing with intent to sell controlled substances will have case dismissed after completing program

July 20, 2016 Posted in News, Victories

18-year-old client charged with possession of controlled substances with intent to sell is accepted into a pretrial diversion program.  The client, who is still in high school, was arrested after being found in possession of a large amount of controlled substances and drug dealing paraphernalia including baggies, a scale and a grinder.  Erick Cruz was able to use the client’s youth and lack of a criminal history to convince prosecutors to agree to enroll the client into the diversion program.  The client will have to undergo periodic drug testing and receive drug counseling in the program.  If he successfully completes the conditions, his case will be dismissed.  Following the dismissal of the case against him, the client will be able to expunge the arrest so that it will not affect his future prospects.

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